Buying & Selling Jewellery

We DO NOT buy from the general public.  Our stock is only supplied from reputable antique dealers and jewellery manufacturers worldwide.  We do not deal with companies or Auction Houses ourselves, so we prefer not to give recommendations.


Restoration of Antique Jewellery

Jewellery is subject to wear and tear over the years, and small dents and scratches are common on well-worn items. The majority of jewellery that customers bring in to us is often more than 100 years old, and in such cases there is usually a fair amount of wear and tear on these items due to their age. This can range from missing stones, broken claws or clasps and other everyday damage.  Our jewellery specialists are able to restore jewellery in our workshop and return worn items to a like new condition.


Ring resizing

Ring resizing is a relatively easy process and a resizing can be completed in as little as a few days in our workshop. The time to complete the resizing depends on the increase or decrease in size required. For small adjustments this is a relatively simple process that can be done without adding any additional material to the ring. For larger sizes and ring enlargements this can mean adding material, whether this be gold or platinum depending on the ring make and style. Material can be added to any ring to the band to increase the size to fit.



If your ring or necklace has a missing stone that has been lost or damaged, we can either remount your existing stone if you still have it, or add a replacement stone to the piece.
In the case of a new stone being required we are able to source stones in many different cuts. We can work with, for example, old cuts, round brilliant cuts and princess cuts among others. A selection of stones from our sources can be viewed by the customer prior to being remounted. These can be matched with the remaining stones in the case of a two or three stone ring.



We have found that a number of our clients have old antique or vintage jewellery which has a sentimental value, perhaps as a family heirloom for example, but is not in a style that they themselves would wear. In these cases we are able to remodel jewellery to our clients’ bespoke specifications.  


Pearl & Bead Re-Stringing

We are also able to offer a re-stringing service. Our experts recommend re-stringing an item as the thread begins to discolour, stretch, or fray, all of which are common as part of general wear and tear. The point of most stress in a pearl necklace is where the gimp is situated, between the clasp and the first pearl on the string. It is advisable to check this area for any signs of discoloration over time, as this is a clear indicator that the pearl necklace will need re-stringing soon.


Jewellery Polishing

We offer a jewellery polishing service - which can include severly scratched stones.  We advise customers to get their jewellery polished and cleaned regularly to avoid regular wear and tear, and to stop any further damage to an item developing.  Ideally, every 12mths to 3 years depending on how often the piece is worn.


Earring Conversions

Our jewellers can repair any broken earring clasps as well as convert items from pierced items to clip on as well as converting to a pendant should one be 'misplaced' forever!


Lay-by Terms & Conditions

Lay-by's are available at Isabella's, following the terms of the Australian Consumer Law, 01 January 2011.

1.  A 10% deposit of the sale amount is the minimum at start of lay-by term.

2.  A period of three (3) months from start date of lay-by to finalise balance is required.  

3.  Regular significant payments each month will be required.

4.  Seven (7) days notification by either party to be given for cancelling lay-by.

5.  If cancelling, a 20% cancellation fee will be incurred.